The Quiet American

Check out some of the new links I’ve added at the bottom – one I particularly love is ‘The Quiet American’. This man has spent the last few years recording sounds on his worldwide travles and now has a thriving site where listeners can record 1 minute sound ‘vacations’ and send them in. It’s truly inspiring and it’s amazing how sound can allow you to escape into another world for a while.  I went to India last year and carried a small tape recorder with me everywhere I went, documenting the sounds around me -sometimes I would just record the sound of the birds or the temple bells, even the engine of the boat that used to take us across the Ganges.   It’s amazing how evocative sound is listening back. Some of my favourite parts are where I just recorded a rickshaw ride. Listening to is like passing through waves of colour and images – punctuated by the ever present horns of course! Speaking of horns in India, check out this great animated film which was a collaboration between Irish and Indian animators – ‘Horn OK Please’.

<> That’s about it for now – I’m not sure who is reading this but if you are – thanks – I hope it’s a relatively pain free experience. Come back soon.

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One response to “The Quiet American

  1. What a wonderful gift (:

    The space you enter in those worlds of sound is so refreshing. Quite remarkable.

    I also loved that CD “Sounds of Vrindavan” where they recorded the ringing rickshaw ride through Vrindavan into the Krishna Balarama temple where Aindra was singing the most astounding Damodarastaka kirtan..

    Sends shivers through the soul.

    You have a knack for finding the most interesting jewels on the net. Please continue to share the wealth. (:

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