Westward Ho!


I’m off to the sunnier climes of Florida for two weeks. Needless to say I will not be missing the grey, darkening skies and the relentless all pervasive gush of Christmas songs, present in every public space imaginable. I realised yesterday that this may just be my first Christmas outside of England so I am yet to see what it feels like. Another experience to chalk off on my blackboard of life I’m sure. As of yet, Florida is an entirely unknown place to me. When say the word to myself, a strange montage plays itself in my head, a collage of all the snippets heard and pictures seen. Huge spiders and flying creepy crawlies, humid air, oranges, trailers, oak trees, beaches, theme parks, schools that I do not attend – Santa Fe Community College and University of Florida, dry grass and peacocks…and friends, old and new…

<> Westward ho! An adventure awaits.

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  1. kcsoulmate

    Have fun, Janione Granger!

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