Back to pen and paper…

Re-starting this blog has been a lot of fun – over the past few months my love for writing has greatly increased and it has been nice to know that some people are reading it also. Like anything internet related though, I think blogging can become a little bit addictive. I saw a funny cartoon recently in a great article I found called ‘How to be Creative’.


Yeah. So with my recent craze of blogging, my trusty diary has been somewhat neglected. I have loved diary writing for a long time now. I started when I was about twelve – a bit of a patchy beginning, but by fifteen I was writing quite regularly. Over the years I have come to rely on my diary to see me through everything, both good and bad. In reading it back I remember wonderful things, learn about my nature and how to become a better person, by anticipating default patterns of behaviour that I tend to fall into. Sometimes my entries are just ‘brain dumps’; essential for mentally overactive people like me. Sometimes I write entries slowly, choosing every word carefully, as if writing a poem.

I’m looking forward to getting back to my diary again this summer. Travel diaries are always the most fun to write – normally bulging by the end of the trip with leaves, tickets, receipts, flowers, random bits of cloth and paper, postcards, feathers – on last year’s bus tour I even stuck in bits of rock (interesting bits of course).

I hope I have the same enthusiasm this year, although a part of me worries that my computer reliant writing is slowly replacing that of my humble pen and paper. I guess writing is writing – it’s the same worry everyone has I suppose, about our increasing reliance on technology. The more friends I have around the world, the more heavily I rely on email to keep in touch. The other day I wondered what it would feel like if all of these things had never been invented. Skype, email, telephones, digital cameras. I used to love letter writing, and I used to have a handful of people that I regularly wrote to. Now a box of writing paper and envelopes gathers dust under my bed – I really wish people still wrote letters.

So this is goodbye little blog – I’ll be back in two months with many stories to tell I’m sure. For now, it’s back to pen and paper…


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2 responses to “Back to pen and paper…

  1. Umm…hey, you might want to be careful about announcing that you have “bits of sulphorous rock from Yellowstone National Park”, which even by accident, would be against the law. I just wanted to give you a heads up. I monitor blogs every day with the keyword Yellowstone in compiling news about the park; if I do, someone in the Park Service also might. Just this year, a couple bikers who talked about going off trail in one park on a blog were caught and got in a fair bit of trouble.

    Considering Yellowstone over the last hundred years has had quite a few people take small bits of rock, so much so that they have entirely closed trails to some areas for fear all the bits of rock would be gone, you might be even more careful.

    Of course, let’s just assume that the rock accidentally ended up in your diary because it got caught on your clothes. *wink* –

    Don’t mean to scare you, but I wanted to let you know in case you didn’t know.

  2. Haribol Jahnavi! No more blog for two months? We’ll miss you!!!

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