2.23 PM – Procrastinating…

A friend of mine told me to check out this picture of the deities in Manipur – they are so beautiful! I was thinking about their unique Manipuri dress and where the unusual design might have come from, when I remembered that I have a book on Manipuri dance. This outfit is a replica of the traditional costume used for the Manipuri Rasa Lila dance. It is believed that the design of the costumes was originally conceived by Raja Bhagyachandra (1763-1798) who saw a divine vision of the rasa lila in his dream and reproduced the clothing he saw accordingly. Over the years, the costumes have become more decorative. Designers have also gradually stiffened the skirt more and more to give it its fixed shape.

In 2005 I visited the temple in Navadwip run by the Manipuri devotees who cooked us an amazing Manipuri feast and gave us a demonstration of their traditonal martial arts.

The deities at the Navadwip temple – Radha Krsna and at the bottom, Sri Gopaldeva – the picture is really bad but you can Radharani has her hands in a unique dancing pose.

This picture also reminded me of how lucky I was to attend a program in New York last year with Bhakti Svarupa Damodar Swami. It was my second day there and I was feeling very jetlagged, but as he sang the bhajan ‘Gay Gaura Madhur Svare’ so beautifully, I felt my tiredness lift; as he spoke I was touched by his humility, sincerity and intelligence. He invited everyone at the program to come to Manipur and visit the new temple and cultural centre they were building at the time. I wonder if I will ever get there. For now it’s off to Vrindavan – goodbye for three weeks little blog…


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4 responses to “2.23 PM – Procrastinating…

  1. Come now! Vraja has a better net service than Mayapur. You can’t use that as an excuse!
    More appropriate would be: I am going to lose myself in the ecstatic atmosphere.
    have a good time.
    You’ll see my sister. Little blonde thing.

  2. hari haribolllll

    thank a billion for posting this news.
    i love manipuri dance. they came to bali for several time and they also will join our bali sankirtan festival. please visit the web: http://www.balisankirtan.com

    i also visit this navadvip temple. but i didnts that devotee. who is his name?

    thank you for sharing your remembrance about Srila Bhaktisvarupa Damodara Maharaj. if you have time please elaborate this remembrance, cause its full of nectar and we will publish your wriitng at http://www.sripadanectar.com if you like.
    it will be so inspiring for the disciple of Srila Sripada and other well-wisher…

    please be mercifull
    share the nectar.
    ys, dvibhuja das

  3. sanker

    manipuries are kachcha hindu. they eat beef and other non veg. they are just acting outside, but inside they are belief in their traditional deities. only few peoples are belief hindu. this chingki is dancing using long swort.

  4. Himanshu

    Nice painting

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