In case you’re interested…

Here’s what I finished today, for one of my creative writing modules this term. My poetry portfolio, including an essay on the haiku of Matsuo Basho and a reflective commentary on my own poems. Also, there’s a short story I wrote last year called ‘Somu’ about a momentous day in the life of a musician in South India (also with commentary and annotated bibliography). Oh. Writing for assessment is so tedious sometimes.




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2 responses to “In case you’re interested…

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  2. Just read through your Poetry folio so one quick comment.

    One technique when you are working over your drafts is to read the last word in every line. Last words carry more weight than other words, so they should be strong words.

    I saw some weak word endings as follows:

    Mrs Knight – After Edward Thomas

    “We asked her where she lived and ”


    ” I wake up to”

    Just Like This

    “The angle of your shoulder and”

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