Of seasons, he is flower bearing spring…

Of course, moving through a drenched January into a bleak February, spring is quite far from sight. Inside though, early bulbs of ‘paperwhite’ and ‘tete a tete’ narcissus have been blossoming in my room. They have the most wonderful delicate fragrance that fills the entire upstairs floor of the house. So many are growing that I can offer them to my deities every day in bunches; a good thing since they wilt after a few hours.

Early in the morning, a mild breeze would carry the aroma of the parijata flower, and Krsna would smell it just after rising from bed. Due to this aroma, the honeybees would begin their humming vibration, and the birds also would begin their sweet chirping sounds. All together it would sound like the singing of professional chanters engaged in offering prayers to Krsna.

Krsna Book, Chapter 70 – Srila Prabhupada

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