Investigating the life of Jesus….in Vrindavan?

I was really hoping that this program, aired on Channel 4 on Christmas Day here in England, would get put on the internet. It was quite amazing to see such a broadminded and thoughtful program on Christmas day – normally saturated with movies, sitcom specials and carol services. What was even more interesting, was to see the first twenty minutes, filmed in Vrindavan. I never thought I’d see Radhakunda on primetime mainstream national television! It’s well worth watching the whole thing if you have time – the presenter has some interesting viewpoints – some, maybe a bit far reaching, but it’s quite refreshing overall. Also, should my dad say I stole his post – you can see his original one here.

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One response to “Investigating the life of Jesus….in Vrindavan?

  1. Jake B.

    This is fabulous. Where did you get the video? Is there any way I could get a copy of it? I would love to show it to some people at school (in America). I’m a student of ministry, with a degree in comparative religious studies. This would be a great thing to show, hopefully starting some interfaith dialogue. Sing the praises of God, by all His names!

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