It’s my habit, when walking
to pick you some flowers
so I do
clasping the stems in one hand
for the next half an hour,
while the sky darkens
but only when I put them at your feet
do I realise, I’ve picked
sky blue with yellow centres
and some a touch of pink
each one, I realise,
a small prayer
I know you bestow limitless mercy upon everyone
But I fear sometimes
That I’m not included in everyone
just that my desire is not sincere
I fear that not being anchored to you
I will so easily be swept away
Like each tiny flower,
I am so small
But please,
See my prayer
And disregard its ineloquence
Please see my desire
And help me to purify it
And though I am so far from your feet
Please see me down here
And forget me not
Forget me not


Filed under Creative Writing, Inspiration!, Krishna Consciousness

3 responses to “Forget-me-not

  1. I’m geting glasses there color is forget me not.

  2. Delightful and fascinating! That was so heartrending and meaningful. I was really touched.

  3. ariana

    i absolutely admire this poem. its inspiring and i got a forget me not flowers tattoo on me after reading this! (along with others reasons.) anyway its so sincere and truthful. thanks for sharing 🙂

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