Hello. I’m Jahnavi and I am a serial procrastinator.

Right now I’m grappling with the giant monster of coursework that I created by ignoring it (until two weeks before the deadline). I have about six separate projects/essays to complete, plus a 20 page screenplay, which I’m working on right now. Well, technically, I’m writing this blog right now but….come on….it’s all an exercise to loosen up my writing before i get back to work. Yeah right.

Truth be told I am a serial procrastinator and it’s really a difficult habit to break. Something that’s been helping me to see it even more clearly is the fact that I’ve slowly been increasing the number of rounds I chant every day. Last time I wrote a post about japa – sometime last year, I think I was chanting three a day. Shakily, I’ve somehow made it to ten (not that it hasn’t wobbled while I’ve had all this work). Obviously that requires a greater time commitment than ever before, and it’s been an excellent lesson – recognising that I do often put it off until the last minute possible, then suffering when I have to do it late at night – feeling guilty and tired too. I’ve been gradually succeeding in disciplining myself to really try and get them done in the morning – mostly it’s been working, and I feel it having an effect on other things in my life too. Saying that, it’s a slow process. Old habits die hard, and I am certainly well practised at avoiding the necessary.

Ok, my mum just came upstairs and told me I was deviating – she’s right! Oh no! Let me get this over with.

Today I taught a dance class for the first time at the temple. My sister Tulasi and I have started a class on Sundays, and there are about fifteen students so far. It was really a pleasure to be starting it off and so nice to have the feeling of passing on something that I have been studying for so long. I really hope that it’s something that continues for a good time to come.

Also, tonight it’s a full moon – Balarama Rasayatra, the night of Lord Balarama’s rasa dance. I think I’ll make sweetrice tonight with Mali. I find it’s one of the most wonderful things to make, if you have the time to. The fact that it needs constant attention, means that its preparation becomes a meditation in itself, as you stand there, stirring and stirring. Afterwards, we put it out in the pot on the roof of my Dad’s garden cabin (so the foxes can’t get it), so Lord Balarama and the gopis can eat it tonight.

Ok, I really am wasting time now- back to work – GOODBYE!

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