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Plum Crazy!

After an overwhelming boomerang over to Europe for Kulimela, I’m now back in North America for the final weeks of the bus tour. I flew in just a night ago to Seattle, where I met up with the buses at the new Vedic Cultural Centre they’ve just built there. A day later and we’re in Vancouver, for our final Rathayatra of the tour. I feel at home here – it’s drizzly and overcast, much unlike all the other places we visit over the summer. The greatest consequence of all this precipitation, is the abundance of juicy, sweet fruit that grows in this region. It seems everywhere you look, there’s something growing, from kiwis, to blueberries, and as I remembered from last year, here at the temple, a wonderful plum tree. Bursting with ripe, sun kissed flavour; we all succumbed to the temptation, using long poles to knock down the ripest ones. On our first morning here, Apurva prabhu, our incredible bus tour chef extraordinaire, ate twenty three in one go!

As juice dripped down our arms on the morning of Vancouver Rathayatra, one of my friends remarked to me how Vrindavan can be seen in the most unexpected places – even in the suburbs of British Columbia.

P.S. I only just got to finish this post, after hurriedly starting it almost a week ago when we were still in Vancouver. Now we’re in Calgary, after spending five dusty (but wonderful) days in Saranagati, also known as Venables Valley, BC. We had an amazing time there, taking part in a japa retreat and living the country life with no electricity, no phones – oh, and no blogging – obviously. Tonight we’re performing at the University of Alberta theatre, before moving on to Regina for another performance tomorrow. It’s go, go, go, with less than a week left to get back to Alachua, Florida where the tour will end with Janmashtami. That’s a lot of driving.

Better go stretch my legs…

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