Romulus and Remus, by Mali, age 11

My brother Namamali just started secondary school this September. Going from a small gurukula with about thirty children in the whole school, he’s now in a school of hundreds of boys, wearing a suit and tie every day (picture coming) and learning lots of new subjects. I’m so proud of him – I didn’t find the adjustment from one school to another easy at all, and ended up switching schools about five times. He seems to be relishing it though – different natures I guess.

Right now in History, he’s studying the Romans and was learning the legend of how Rome came to be. He had to illustrate it for homework and I loved watching him deciding how to show each aspect of the story. I really loved the final result. Simple and effective. 

Starting back at university next week, and one of my first modules is Children’s Writing and Publishing…I’m excited!

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