Strings and Birdsong


I came across this beautiful piece of art today on the blog of Guruseva.  I love everything about it, from the expression on the face of the violinist, to the bird sitting in the corner. Is she playing to the bird, or accompanying him as he sings? Even the all pervasive curling background is a perfect representation of what it feels to be lost in music. After seeing it I was inspired to pick up my violin and practise for much longer than I normally do, just enjoying the notes and trying to recreate the sound within with my unwilling fingers.

Her work always inspires me, mostly because it’s so gracefully executed, but also bold and full of life. I also draw inspiration from her because she was one of the first people that encouraged me in writing and in everything artistic. She was my teacher in primary school for at least a year, if not two (it’s hard to remember so far back!) and I absolutely loved being in her class. We used to write letters to her in correspondence books and she’d write back, and she would give every lesson so much creativity that it was a joy to learn – even maths, which I hated. Sometimes I’d go to her house on the weekends with a few friends and we’d have art classes with her – tie dyeing, glass painting, kite making – what a childhood! I feel blessed to have had her as my teacher, and that even though she’s lived so far away in America for over a decade now, we have managed to stay in touch. I visited her two years ago when I was in Alachua, Florida, where she lives, and she gave me this picture of me (middle) and my friends when I was in her class.


The piece also reminded me of this print I have by Anita Klein. There’s so much to be inspired by in the natural world, and I love to see that represented in art. Likewise, all music can be found in nature also. My violin teacher sometimes describes musical ornamentation using analogies of different leaf shapes, or imagery like waterfalls and waves. It just brings a smile to my face to see that everything is connected, from the bow on the strings to the morning birdsong.


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4 responses to “Strings and Birdsong

  1. Jahnavi, when you get a chance, e-mail me your mailing address–I would be totally honored to send you a print of “Heavenly Strings”!
    Intriguing analogies, especially the “leaf shapes”!

  2. Keshava

    So good to read this about my old friend Guruseva!

  3. Oh Keshava, what a wonderful surprise! I would soooo love to see you again…I wish it was as easy as it was back then to pop on a flight somewhere.

  4. Jahnavi

    This blog ended in a happy reunion – how nice 😀

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