Namamali aged Eleven

Next month my brother will turn twelve. I can still remember the day he was born, waking up in the morning to realise my mum was already gone, and driving with a stomach full of butterflies to the hospital. He was a squished, squirming, tangle of limbs with a funny shaped head, but my sister and I were totally captivated. Our brother. Like no other.

Now he’s on the verge of teenagehood and I can hardly believe that so many years have passed since we sat in that hospital room, laughing that ‘When he’s twelve, Jahnavi will be twenty-two!’. It seemed absurd that I would be so old so soon. But I am, and so is he, and so are we all. Time moves faster than we do.

Here’s some little videos I took of Mali from this month, just for fun. The first is of his second piano concert at the Watford School of Music. He’s been learning for two years now and we’re so proud of him. He’s so musical and even composes his own pieces too. In the second video, he’s talking about his stick insect, who sadly died today. Who’s fault was it? No comment.

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One response to “Namamali aged Eleven

  1. Priya

    Aw he’s so cute, the stick insect video was very amusing, bless! Pity he didn’t explain the cremation further…lol

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