Kishori Yatra – Easter 2009: Day Three – Twelve Miles to the Castle!

Our third day began again with a morning program. After gurupuja, and a kirtan, we read through some verses from the Bhagavad Gita, and discussed what thoughts we had about them.

Over the two days that had already passed, some tension and disagreements had already started arising between the girls, so we talked a lot about why as devotees of Krishna, we offer all respect to every living entity. It was interesting to discuss what our own ideas of respect were, and how we could consider what to do for others, to ensure they feel respected. We learnt the ‘vanca kalpa’ prayers and made sure to say them to eachother every day.

Later in the morning, we moved to the temple for a kirtan workshop. After Nadiya gave a brief talk about what kirtan is, and why we do it, we split into two groups. I had the karatal (small cymbals) group, and Nadiya took the mridanga drum group. We spent some time practicing different beats, and then switched over, before coming together to learn some kirtan dance steps! Sometimes it’s hard to join in with people dancing in kirtan if you’ve never tried the steps before.

In the afternoon we drove to Cardiff, taking advantage of the unexpected glorious sunshine to go for a bike ride. We hired bikes from Pedal Power, and cycled down the beautiful River Taff.

After a few minor accidents near the start, we  we got going, passing through tunnels of trees and admiring the flowers that grew in abundance along the riverbank. Our destination was Castell Coch, a mock Bavarian castle set amidst the trees above the tiny village of Tongwynlais.

After a winding journey that took over an hour, and a killer last five minutes up an intensely steep incline, we made it to the castle drawbridge!

Unfortunately, we hadn’t arrived as soon as we would’ve liked – we only had a short time to make it back to the cycle hire place before it closed. We whizzed around then interior, then jumped on our bikes and pedalled hard, making it back just in time!

After so much exertion, it was wonderful to come back to a grand feast at the temple. As with every day, the temple devotees cooked especially and opened the restaurant after hours just for us.

We ended the day with some much needed TLC!

You can see all the photos at and the videos at

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One response to “Kishori Yatra – Easter 2009: Day Three – Twelve Miles to the Castle!

  1. Wow – inspiring stuff – well done!

    Challenging? No doubt. Rewarding? I am very sure!

    Keep up the good work : )

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