G is for Graduation, Gratitude, and also ‘Goodbye’.

I graduated last month, and whilst initially I was just enjoying the feeling of not having to sit at my computer, racking my brains and consulting a stack of books, for the past week or so I’ve been tying up loose ends and preparing to leave England for yet another summer.

Part of leaving has been saying thank you to all of those people who have helped me, taught me, inspired me or just been friends to me. If that seems a bit final, perhaps it’s only because we often wait until the last moment to show gratitude. I think it’s so important, and I’m really trying to remind myself to make a point of appreciating people as a natural habit.

Since I’ve had more time lately, my gratitude has been coming out creatively, which has been doubly satisfying.

I’ve also had time for other little creative projects, like designing things for the new farm shop at the Manor.

And just having time to draw – for no reason!

So what’s next? I will be travelling to the west of Canada in a few days, to the Hare Krishna farm community in British Columbia – known as Saranagati. I’ll be there for a little time and will then be joining Gaura Vani and As Kindred Spirits for recording and touring in different places in America. It’s exciting, but I’m also just a little nervous. I am taking the first step on the path of ‘life after university’. So far I’ve been overwhelmed with the way that things have beautifully fallen into place. This is surely all by Krishna’s merciful arrangement, and I hope to never, ever forget it.

I’m hoping to keep this blog updated as far as possible while I’m away. For other updates, check www.gauravani.com, where you can see photos and download kirtans from all of the shows we do.

Since it’s possible to do almost everything on the internet, I figure I can also seek your blessings. Please bless me to strive for sincerity, humility and real devotion – and if you see me on my travels, say hello!


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7 responses to “G is for Graduation, Gratitude, and also ‘Goodbye’.

  1. Radha krishna drama group

    Hare krishna Jahnavi
    we just wanted to ask , would you and Tulsi be in one of our dramas? It would be amazing if you could! Let us know by sending an email !
    thank you!
    your servants
    Iskcon london- Radha krishna drama group

  2. Radha krishna drama group

    thats the email by the way!

  3. Keshava

    Whatever blessings I have are yours, as you help inundate the world with kirtan!

  4. Campaka

    Your art is is amazing! Love, love, love it! Happy traveling. You truly have a blessed life. :o)

  5. please drop by alachua… for another unforgettable janmastami 🙂

  6. Really appreciate your point about not waiting till the last moment before we express our gratitude and love towards those we care about, as it’s becoming more and more a central meditation in my own life now. As the wonderful Leo Buscaglia used to say, “Celebrate life, now! Celebrate the people in your life, now! Don’t wait until they’re on their death bed to say, ‘I love you. You’re important to me. I value you.'”

    I knew about your musical talent, but nothing about your aptitude for the creative and visual arts. What beautiful drawings!

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