The Prodigal Blogger

I started out this summer with all good intentions. I would blog every week, typing thrilling tales for my friends and family about everything I have been seeing and experiencing. Obviously, that didn’t happen. When you’re on the road every day, driving hours and hours to the next kirtan concert, or just the next Wal Mart, good intentions aren’t enough to motivate blogging.

So here I am, after almost three months, apologising. I hope I can start this up again, because if for nothing else, I hope that blogging is one way to keep some sort of connection with those that I care about. It’s not always easy to find the time to write personal emails, but hopefully I can attempt to share something in this way.

Today I am in Washington DC, having just flown in from LA last night. Saturday night was the official last performance of the summer Mantralogy tour, at ‘Bhaktifest’ in Joshua Tree, California. We have been performing and travelling in California for the past two months, with a brief whirlwind trip to London and Mumbai inbetween. I am lost for more to write at the moment. For now I’m just enjoying the brief pause in the tour, and appreciating the rain falling outside. It’s been weeks since I felt rainfall – in Mumbai during monsoon.

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