I usually regard my mind as a grappling partner who I happen to share a body with. At any given moment it can grab me round the neck and demand we wrestle until one of us wins.

Today was different – for once it helped me out.

Every morning I struggle through my japa meditation, trying not to think about laundry or to-do lists. Today my mind gently gathered the sensory information around: the soft light, creeping through the basement door; the peaceful quiet of the early morning; the smooth roll of the wooden beads in my hand, and evoked another world for just a little while. Suddenly I felt transported to Vraj, to the place near Govardhan known as Vrinda Kund. I sat in front of the tiny, white marble temple chanting quietly. The clatter of the washing machine became the distant noise of a truck passing by on the rural potholed roads. Sprays of brilliant pink bougainvillea sprouted just beyond my edge of vision, and I saw the beautiful face of the deity there – holding the lotus flower and green parrot.

Maybe it was just a few moments before I found myself back in a basement in Maryland. But for those few moments, I was so grateful.

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