Spring Down Under!

After a 24 hour journey we finally reached Australia! It’s spring here and I’m so enchanted by all of the flowering trees – magenta sprays of bougainvillea, clustered lilac jacaranda trees with branches like embroidered thread, long carob pods, and brilliant red flame trees. We’ve tried to just relax today but went down to a local park where we came across a Hang drummer. We couldn’t resist getting into a little jam with him and inviting him to the Brisbane Maha Kirtan on Saturday.


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4 responses to “Spring Down Under!

  1. guru carana padma

    that was so sweet, savoury and sublime all in one….lovelyx

    • Jitasakti

      Haribol, Gurucarana Padma. I knew you in England.
      Gauravani and Vishvamb. that was special. I was in Brisbane in 1975 and received a BTG there from traveling SKP devotee — there was no temple there then.

  2. Vaishali

    That was enchanting! Haribol!

  3. Katyayani

    Oh my dearest Jahnavi!! while watching this vid i felt so peaceful!! it was simply beautiful and you´re sweet voice is like honey to my ears.
    Miss you tons!!

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