Green Fruit

For me, dance is sacred. To separate it from its divinity is like picking a green fruit from the tree. It can be used for something, but it has yet to reach its full, ripe potential – full of sweetness and flavour. To me, dance in devotion is the ripened fruit of beautiful movement – an offering to be placed at the feet of the Lord.


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3 responses to “Green Fruit

  1. Bhakta Delroy

    I am thinkig that you are a devotee mataji, of course dance is sacred to you…… “Dance in Devotion”….. Anything that this body can do ought to be dovetailed to the service of the Lord. If not, then not only is it tasteless, but it is actually quite perverted. When we seperate Dance from its’ Divinity then we become like Beyonce and her fans and even my long time favourite Michael Jackson (who I still have affection for, I am praying that he takes birth again with a will to serve the Lord as strong as his will was to serve the Karmis).
    Why waste time munching on unripened fruit. Only an unintelligent person would do something like this. Gaura bhakta vrnda Ki Jaya. Only a fool would take fruit from a tree out of greed and impatience to enjoy for himself…….. I say wait until the fruit is fully ripened, pick it, and then immediately offer to the Lotus Feet of the Lord……. in this way what remains are left will satisfy, bring peace, and the exchange will be one of Pure Love…. The Love for which we are ALL so Anxious. Jaya Sri Sri Radhe.

  2. Bhakta Delroy

    *thinking……….. please forgive my imperfections.

  3. Mohana

    I have a tendency to argue, confront and have dialouge on things. Thats my weakness, I apologise sincerely. But i believe, that is one of the ways of gaining knowledge. ‘TARKA’.

    Dance is sacred, to EVERYONE. If you consider being sacred is a state of joyfulness, it ‘is’ for everyone, from a toddler, whose ultimate expression of joy is to stand on feet and hop/swing or a drunk person, who under inhibition of higher mental functions does, may be for his own amusement or for others’, even then, he is in a state of joy, may not be joy from being worshiping the divine, but it is still a moment of joyfulness(however i do not support being drunk and dancing, just quoting my silly comparisions)

    how I wish I could only dance,

    i do not know if ‘joyfulness’ …is on vocabulary at all….lol…forgive my innocence or ignorance.
    Good day
    God bless

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