The S Word

Tonight I was sitting next to my mum and a few people commented that we looked ‘exactly like sisters!’ Compliment for her. Yes, I know I’m not getting any younger. Tomorrow marks one more year of being, and I’m surprised at how meaningless it’s starting to feel.

When I was younger I was all into birthdays. Each year had a different theme, from St Patrick’s Day, to murder mystery, to Hawaii. It was fun. But now that I’m officially an old crotchet, I don’t feel much for the passing of another twelve months – except the realisation that there’s no time like the present to become more determined to live my words – put my thoughts into action.

So many experiences this year have brought me to the understanding that I have to surrender. I know – it’s almost a dirty word in today’s society. Surrender is what you do when you get arrested, or when you realise that you’re going to be stuck in traffic, whether you beep the horn twenty times or not. Surrender means relinquishing control. Failing to take charge of life.

Well, not really. At least not from where I’m standing. To me surrender means being satisfied with the fact that I’m not in control. It means acknowledging the divine source of everything in my life, and having faith that there is a higher plan. It means letting go to whatever vision I have of the way things are supposed to be, and listening, watching and learning as they unfold the way they will.

Tomorrow is a birthday for me, but a funeral for my uncle. We step into this life for a few moments, and walk off through the wings after the play ends. It’s so important to make everything inbetween count. Not in a frantic way. Not anxiously watching the years passing, our bodies changing. But with grace, good humour, patience and faith.

I love the way my dear friend Gaura put it in his song, ‘Surrender’. Heartfelt realisation.



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7 responses to “The S Word

  1. Rasalila Dasi

    I can relate. Cool blog!

  2. I too liked this Surrender very much, atleast theoritically for now =)

  3. dhirabhakta

    Happy Appearance Day,

    This type of surrender is the best,

  4. Campaka

    I LOVE that video. Watched it over and over. I spent my 25th birthday at my grandpa’s funeral. Sobering. Keep the blogs coming!

  5. Hi!
    i loved what u said about the mother-daughter sisterhood.
    It is supposed to be some kind of a compliment, but as the daughter, i never could be not-annoyed with it. 🙂

  6. jaya vijaya das

    Hare Krsna Jahnavi…
    When your Dad posted this video a few weeks back, I was deeply touched. I’m re-posting what I sent him. Once again, have a Happy Birthday with all your loving family & friends. Take care. Jai Sri Radhe!

    Haribol Prahuji…

    WOW! One of the most beautifully sung & produced videos today. It simply doesn’t get any better than this. Gaura Vani Prabhu certainly has been blessed with such devotion & talent. Your daughter Jahnavi must make you very proud. She is a very special soul. All glories to them all! Jai Sri Radhe!

  7. Happy Birthday lately! (I had mine yesterday) 🙂

    And thank you for the song!


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