Star flowers.

When I’m traveling I try and keep at least my morning walk consistent. While I walk I chant on my japa beads. It’s always my favorite part of the day. When I was young, we’d always pick flowers on any walk to take home and put on our altar. The habit is firmly stuck, and I try and find an altar space or a deity, or a dear friend to give a flower, whenever I’m out.

I found these unusual star flowers the other morning while I walked around the upscale suburbs of New Haven, Connecticut.

Now I’m back New York city, where I crave trees and flowers like a tall drink of water on a hot day. As I walk through the streets, bustling and clouded with smoke and noise, it’s a delicious surprise to come across a cool, green walled garden. Or even a stray rose, peering over a fence.



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2 responses to “Star flowers.

  1. That’s Mountain Laurel, the State Flower of Connecticut.

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