I was born into a family of Krishna devotees in England, and raised in the Bhaktivedanta Manor community near London. From birth I was exposed to kirtan, call and response singing of sacred names – like many others in my community, it was the soundtrack to my life. As I grew, I was exposed to everything from the Celtic music of my Dad’s family to the Klezmer and American folk of my mothers’. I also began to listen to classical Indian music, particularly Carnatic – from the South. Listening, I felt deep recognition, as if remembering something I was already familiar with. I began to study Western classical violin, as well as developing keen interests in dance, writing and visual arts.

I graduated from Middlesex University in 2009 with a degree in Language and Creative Writing. I had no idea what to do next! Fate had it that whilst travelling with ‘Krishna Culture Festival Tour’, I met Gaura Vani and the As Kindred Spirits crew, who all became dear friends and collaborators. We’ve been touring together ever since – from Mumbai to Sydney, New York to Cape Town!

The greatest blessing is to share my abilities with everyone I meet along the way. The wonderful secret of practising art with bhakti is that when there is an attempt to create for more than my own pleasure, to write, dance, paint, and sing as an offering – then true art can flower.

Other places you can find me:

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  1. Ram

    Career advice 😉

    Learn dance and music, teach it to others. Use your competency of language to write books and articles about things that you learnt. Or you can become a cultural reporter (probably for BBC), documenting about various cultures.

    • Priyanka Oza

      Will do! My career advice as well. I am in the process of doing so myself, and while it is hard to do while studying, it is totally worth it!

  2. I was just looking through some of your postings, very nice, you are a very good writer.

  3. Very pretty webpage by a very talented devotee.

  4. i wanted to use an image “changing bodies” in my book “Our God Our earth” being published for a non profit orgnization. I needed your permission. I will appreciated your help.

  5. Your writings are impressive and so are your choice of photos.
    I welcome you to write on http://www.spiritualnectar.com also and use your creativity to advise us on making the website better.

    All the best in life.
    Hare Krishna

    P.S. One more thing – if possible popularise this free ISKCON Matrimonials on http://grihasta.ning.com

  6. Haribol,

    Nice talking to you with my fuzzy post kirtan mind. Here is gadadhara’s phone # gabrielfoley@gmail.com 510 593 4741.

    Once I get your email I will send you a reminder again to pick up the DVDs for Gopal.


    Nitai dasa

  7. Saahithya

    Haribol Jhanavi,
    This is Saahithya writing from New Jersery. Quick question : I faintly remember reading a blog by you (lonnnng time ago) on a Simpsons cartoon having something related to our Vaishnava principles… I was wondering if you could send me that link that you had originally posted in that blog post. We were trying to use it in one of our presentations…
    Thank you very much!
    your servant,

  8. Haribol,

    I’ve written a response to Krishnakant’s “The Final Order”.

    It can be found at:


    Hare Krishna,


  9. lisa

    Hi – someone drew my attention to your recent posting about your birthright trip. You write beautifully and I hope you had a great time in Israel. I just wanted to point something out to you, since you appear to be devout in your commitment to hare krihnaism (if there is such a word:)) but you do not appear to have connected with any Jews who are devout in their commitment to authentic Judaism. Unfortunately, as you yourself mentioned in your blog, your trip to Israel seemed to put you in contact with Jews who are generally very disconnected from the observance of the Jewish religion (or Torah observance). Bear in mind that the majority of the soldiers in the IDF are raised in completely secular environments (they know about Jewish holidays because they are school holidays, that’s pretty much about it) and have no idea of the richness of spirituality within Judaism. I urge you to investigate more (on a spiritual and possibly logistical level) why you were born to a Jewish mother and what it means that you are Jewish under Torah law. What does it mean to be a Jew? Presently, Judaism is often viewed as a hereditary culture of sorts, but at the root there is Torah and all that comes with it, definitely worth checking into. There are some great articles on http://www.aish.com for your perusal (see, for example, http://www.aish.com/jewishissues/jewishsociety/Why_TIME_is_Right7._and_Wrong.asp). What interested me is that you describe yourself as a second gen hare krishna – I would love to know how many generations before you were practicing Jews on your mother’s side – may be impossible to find out at this point. (For example, are you certain that your mother was Jewish under Jewish law? (She would have to had have a Jewish maternal grandmother.))

    Please note that I am not trying to “convert” you or patronise you, but I do believe you are part of my family and therefore I care about you without knowing you. I encourage you to delve more and not to let your Jewish experience be limited to your deep conversations with non-observant Jews, however poignant they were.

    May you strive for truth in good health.

    • Hi Lisa, thankyou so much for your sincere and interesting comments. I am touched that you took the time to write – most people that read this site are those that already know me or are also Hare Krishnas.

      I appreciate what you said about Judaism. I greatly value and respect the Jewish faith, as I do all religions, and I feel that there is a special connection between all that try and follow a life of devotion to God, whatever name they call him. As such, I’m always interested to speak to other like minded people, as well as those who have less faith in God or religion. In fact, I was hoping that the Birthright experience would give me more opportunities to speak to more observant Jews – but I suppose it was the wrong experience for that.

      My mother’s family is thoroughly Jewish as far as I’m aware. However, of her entire family (including extended family) she’s probably the most religious. She was, even before she began searching for answers beyond those given in the Torah. As for me, you’re right, I do feel very satisfied with my faith, but that doesn’t mean I am uninterested in the beliefs and practices of others. In my own small experience, there is more to find in common than to disagree on, and even that which we do differently can teach us something.

      Again, I really appreciate your comments and I don’t feel patronised or preached to at all. I hope you find something interesting in my writing and that you will keep coming back!

      All the best on your spiritual journey also…

  10. Dear Jahnavi,
    May the sound of your conch be heard far and wide. Good Luck in your endevors- material and spiritual.

  11. Jit

    Hi Jahnavi

    I find your site very interesting.
    As a person, who has just started his journey towards Krishna, its refreshing to read such a very down to earth view point.
    Im not sure, but i think i saw you at the Watford Temple, when his Holiness Radhanath Swami Maharaj gave a lecture.
    I look forward to reading many more blogs from you.
    May krishna bless you always

    Hari Bol

  12. from_India

    Hi There,

    I was just going through the random blogs and found this one. After reading couple of posts, I must say that you are gifted. And you got such a beutiful name.

    Last year I visited UK for the first time and I liked London very much.

    take care and keep writing..


  13. wow.

    realllly cool blog – stumbled on your blog after looking for more specific vedic painters. cool work, great insights.

    neophyte devotee here – learning so much and just wanted to reach out and say hello and keep on keeping on.

    cheers and be well.
    jaya prabhupada,

  14. Hare Krishna

    So wonderful to read the blog of a devotee who is so open and shares her love for Krishna with everyone. I love reading about your travels around the world, thank you for writing. This is such a precious gift for us who are not blessed to always be in the association of devotees.


  15. Ranga

    Can I get your email?
    Hare Krishna!

  16. Indu


    I was looking for some videos on hare krishna kirtans and found interesting ones on youtube like radhadesh 2011, radhadesh 2012, jahnavi’s maha mantra etc. These were all wonderful devotional videos. I saw how deeply devoted you seemed to be, whether it was while chanting or when playing violin etc. You are a talented and blessed soul.

    May Lord Krishna bless you and make you happy and content at all times.

    With respect and best wishes,


    • Hari bol!
      A godsister of mine recently sent me link of you singing kirtan. I am a yoga instructor and would love to be able to share some of your music with those peopleI have the opportunity to share class with. Do you have a CD or MP3’s for sale? Thanks for sharing.
      In service,
      Nama-dharma dasa

      • Hare krishna! Thanks for your enquiry prabhu,

        I don’t have anything of my own recorded, but there are live recordings available on radhadesh mellows, kirtan mela Mayapur and Alachua kirtan websites. I will be working on something this year and will make sure to tell you when it’s ready 🙂

        Please let me know if I can help in any other way,

        your servant, Jahnavi

  17. Lalasamai

    Dear Jahnavi.
    I really like your chanting. A great happiness for me to see the satisfaction on your face in chanting. I think you have something to say about it. I would be very interested to hear. I also love chant the Holy Name very much. I don’t feel as secure and joy, only in the chanting. This is something that I could do forever.
    On your website there are you have place for many people. There are your father and many other amazing personalities. Your pleasure glorify and to notice the other people. Thank you for this. You know, because of you and people like you – the sun shines, the rivers rains, the birds sing, grow grain. Thank you for your love.
    I think that you’re akin to the soul. I have only a few friends. But I would very much like to communicate with you. Maybe I can do something to help. For example I could do some special pictures and send its to you, so you could use it . Or I could do something on the computer. I really appreciate people like you. You precious personality. I would be very happy to communicate with you.

    Your servant,

  18. Amal Tagore

    Hare Krishna Janavi Mataji!
    I am now listening your melodious Kirtan if Kirtan Meal Mayapur 2013, day 4. Devi Saraswati resides in your voice. As you know, you are source of inspirations for many towards liberation from the vicious cycle of death and birth. Keep your good works up and help the mankind to be liberated.

    Please visit Canada so that we can also have your melodious nectar life; our respect, good wishes and hope are always with you!

    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
    Hare Ram Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

    With best regards,


  19. Jitendra. Thacker

    Pranam Mataji,

    I listened to your kirtan on youtube. You have a divine voice.

    Jitendra. Thacker.

  20. komal

    hi jahnvi di, I don’t know what to say and ask but can I ask u? I search u on Google and from where I come to you and know a little about your self I went vrandavan where I first time I see and listen in iskcon temple and then I search on youtube and find kirtans of lots of people and one of them is your.I like too much and I feel u remember gopal ji from heart don’t mind its my point of view. I want to be part of ur group but I am not singer .but i listen that for bhakti path. instead of many thing to do, only thing that one should have to do is just in touch with that person which is already reached .its up to you di if you like plz. respond. thnku

  21. robin bhakhan

    Jahnavi! I am a hindu by birth, coming from a religious family. Since my childhood, I have been inquiring the existence of God. For me, the power of Yoga, Kirtan, Bhakti has been associations not with God but with oneself. Your kirtan does a good job in that case! It gives a sense of self belief. Wish to join in person when you are in Delhi. 🙂

  22. Susan

    Dear Jahnavi, may the eternal mood of Caytania any time in your heart. right now I am traced differently, when i first meet your bhajans, i felt overwhelmed, and when I met you and even were trying to get in touch with you and your buddy Gaura Vani. It is difficult to get to come close to someone, you want to know a bit in person. And it were weird. And than i wrote you, and I guess, i know how you felt. But clearly it was not meant as such. I thought you are mental strong and curious about, to also want to know, who tries to get in touch. Because from distance I realised, if it would be possible, most probabyly we would meet. Long time back, I watched or listened the bhajans from you. But today i realised that you made music. on your own, and it was just a question by itself when it will happen. Anyway, dear Jahnavi, we may never meet, in person, and I am pieceful now of. i read things the way you write. And i felt i could had been an ispiration for you, in seeing things even more wide, and you could had been an inspiration for me as well. But most probably you felt my energy is to strong for you. But actually I guess it is just appearing, when I am focussed to make me seen. I do normally in long term not expect anything, all is under the control of Krsna, no?? 🙂 So my intension today is to write you a link about one female, she is an author, and just a wonderful human. And so practical. Such personalities I am missing in ISCON stand for. You would have have this personality, but something is missing, and i know you yourself know it better, so your music and your storries will make its own. But you remain an artist. Finally…. To be enjoyed…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzTN_faoFMc, hope my lines and the link, reach you in healhy, happy condition, yours Susan, the weird one with Caitaniya on her chest. I guess you know…. 🙂

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