I’ll update this soon with a better way of displaying work. Please contact me if you are interested in any of the pieces, or new ones!

5 responses to “Art

  1. Pramod K Khetani

    Respected Jhanvi,

    Hare Krishna. i am very much impressed to see your Art. Just wonderful. i would like to see more of your art.
    Do you have photos of Krishna paintings from BBT Art Seminar’s? please post them on flickr.
    My email:-

    Thanking you.

  2. Pramod K Khetani

    Respected Sir/Madmam, i would love to see more of Krishna Conscious Art by students, Drthi and Abiram Prabhu from bbt art seminars. please upload the pictures on flickr.

  3. Hello a wind blows, now snow, but spring comes for sure Jahnavi, decided to listen Bhajans and hear philosophical topic by Eugen Drewermann tonight. Friends collegues celebrate. Watching the sparkling of millions spots, quirls, lines, tssss, tuschhh, etc.. In the temple in Zurich too there is celebration. Not celebration. Programm. New Year. What is new year? Meant to be Next year. Best wishes. Common words. I love to just listen or part of devotional songs. Dance. Embrace eachother like any other time. there is no difference except my own resolve inside the heart.
    Happy not to be focussed at one special person. but feel inside love to everyone. why we cant express. Sometimes simply it would be nice, not to have brain. No words. But not even my so called best friends understand. so I keep silent. Made the wishes by sms. I am happy. Happy or unhappy like any other day. I think I am a bit more happy, because I can smile, how everybody is in need to have association tonight, especially at new years eve, or christmas time. It is traditon. Yeah it is natural, like many other things. But to take it easy and beeing at home, simply or going for a walk, alone. it seems to be mad, or one feel lonely. Funny. did I share a webside, with you? no need of sharing, if there is no intrest. today 2 people were crying at me, that they are alone tonight. Spirtual inclined people may be good listeners. Jahnavi may wishes you wish come true. Does a spiritual inclined person have wishes? Krsna will fullfill anyway. If we wish. Material or in the Seva of Krsna. I experience, not even thought. Simply when I think, “it would be nice”. Uppppssss. Sooner or later. It comes true…. so thats what ever I do, however I behave, however I am taken, I smile. Not at moments by present. The chain and it pearls. A chain can be like the rope of Draupadi s Sari….. The chain never pearled up fully, to end to wear decorative. Hare Krsna kindly and heartly from Susan

  4. Anonymous

    Such powerful beautiful expressions here…and the Voice..oy

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