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Brushfire before Bhaktifest

I’m flying again tomorrow morning after a month back at home. It’s been a whirlwind of festivities, guests, and all sorts of events. In between everything I managed to sneak in some much needed time for painting. It’s something I always want to do – most of the time I travel with a whole art studio’s worth of materials in my suitcase that do nothing but weight me down. But last week for a sweet four hours I just lost myself in it.

Real Love


Hanuman's Jungle Song


Singing His Name


Lavanya Rama

┬áNow I’m headed to California for Bhaktifest, a weekend of kirtan in the Joshua Tree desert. If you would like to have a copy of any of these paintings, I got some beautiful cards printed which I’ll have there with me. It was quite exciting to see my artwork being printed for the first time. Check out the company – moo.com, their products are great!


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Pulse Magazine Now Online

Pulse magazine is the UK’s only dedicated publication for South Asian dance and music. It’s been running for a good few years and I’ve nearly been subscribing since the beginning. I first read a copy aged eighteen, thrilled to find a magazine that connected me with a wide community of people who shared my interests and discussed and wrote about them in an intelligent, thoughtful way.

Dancer Seeta Patel – photo by Simon Richardson, as published in Pulse

A couple of years ago I started writing for Pulse – mostly reviews as well as recently, my own series of articles on sacred music and the way it interacts with different areas of society. A new website has just been launched where you can now view the latest issue for free. Soon the opportunity for digital subscription will also be created, but for now, enjoy this month’s issue that celebrates the life of Rabindranath Tagore in his 150th year. You can find my article on ‘Sacred Music in the Street’ on page 18.


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