Why the Little Conch?


The sound of a conch shell being blown is like no other; soft and rounded, but completely penetrating. It is a divya dhwani – a divine sound, that glorifies, protects, celebrates and purifies the consciousness of all who hear it.

As a writer, dancer, musician and artist, I always hope that the words, images and sounds I release into the world have this uplifting effect.


18 responses to “Why the Little Conch?

  1. Kseniya

    Спасибо большое за предоставленую на сайте информацию! Ах, таких замечатальных и редких рисунко больше нигде не встретиш!
    Спасибо, Друзья!

  2. Jayanta

    Your father doesn’t have the time or interest in giving class to us online at http://www.vconline.biz

    Would you care to enlighten us at some point of time about Krishna consciousness?

    Hari Haribol !

    • siddhi


      That is a rude and personal comment about this devotees parent. If you have an issue with her father have the backbone and dignity to confront him directly rather than in is this roundabout and infantile way.

  3. enigmaticlight

    You are not painfully far…you are joyfully close !
    The smallest sound can be heard by all…
    and sometimes…the greatest words ever given to
    another come from total silence…

    You need only ask once…
    Know in your heart that you have been heard…
    and every prayer is answered…
    And that your work speaks loud and clear…

    You already have what it is that you seek…

    You are beautiful…you are blessed…
    you are loved…

  4. Nice explanation about the conch.

    In the first century there lived in TamilNadu a great poetess and devotee of Krishna, who asks the conch,

    Would it smell like camphor ?
    Would it smell like lotus?
    Would the red lips be sweet as honey?
    What is the taste of Krishna’s lips?
    Who has killed all diversities…
    With interest I ask you…
    Tell me White Conch…

    Her name is Andal.

    Your post reminded me of this poem.

  5. Jahnavi

    Thankyou for the wonderful poem Ramesh! I love Andal’s poetry but I have never heard that one…

  6. Dina Krishna

    Just to let you know that the play is
    Sunday FEB 15th at manor.
    How many tickets do you want?

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  8. charanagathi

    just to realise that you would like
    to blow your conch to attain lord
    krishna’s feet in itself will raise to
    that level….after he is in our mind
    and should know our thoughts and
    realisations and desires…!!!

  9. charanagathi

    mistakes in my post
    “raise “you” to ”
    “after “all””……
    sorry for the inconvinience

  10. Beautiful! I also always connected with the conch and love singing with it when the aroti is ending. I have similar aspirations. Very happy to hear this and find a “kindred spirit” 🙂

    Hare Krishna!

  11. Hare Krsna!
    Please allow me to sign up for your blog. I am a fellow artist/used to be dancer.
    Love the art…Thank you!

  12. Hare Krishna jahnavi ,

    You inspire me a lot! The first time I heard you sing kirtan my heart stopped!

    Thank you,

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  14. You know this Conch connection seems like chosen one to you, your voice is clearly uplifting, different and has resemblance to conch voice. You should sing solo more often than kirtan’s. In kirtan’s your voice, which is a blessing, just loses its effects like “Ganga is sadly full of mud” . This is just my point of view.

  15. Ollie

    I was going to say something similar in that you do have a very uplifting quality to your voice, it is certainly the case in Kirtan and no doubt solo or privately to yourself singing Britney Spears 🙂

    It’s an unusual tone, a distinctive lilt. In my limited understandings of such matters I can still tell that you sing with the devotion of Krishna.

    Thankyou Jahnavi, for being a link.

    All glories…

  16. Ketan

    Jahnavi, Thank you for being such an inspiration. No words to express heartfelt gratitude. I liked the beautiful explanation about why the little conch?

    You are mulch-talented personality. I read your other blogs and articles as well. They are so beautiful, written with so much precision to draw complete attention of the reader. Also KC philosophy is explained in such a simple manner. Its a great gift. You are a great asset to ISKCON movement.

    Blessed we are to know you.

    With the mood of that little conch and mercy of Radharani I have blown a biggest war against both Maya and Kali on Aindra Prabhu’s Appearance day 7th April 2013 by Inaugurating 12hour Kirtan at my home in Mumbai. I am badly wounded but still most blissful serving the Holy Name, Srila Prabhupada and my most beloved Radharani. In eleven months so far Eleven 12hour Kirtan are conducted. The target is to spread 12H Kirtan in every town and village of the world. So far it has started in Estonia, Johnpur(a small village in India), devotees are putting efforts to inaugurate it in Porbander (India), Germany (Berlin and Gena), Canada (Toronto). Please pray 12Hour Kirtan in Every Town and Village becomes reality very soon.

    Please like 12Hour Kirtan In Every Town and Village page on Facebook.

    Please keep writing your blog to let the stream of nectar flow.

    Jay Shri Radhe!

    Your Eternal servant,

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